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Long Island Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Have you been terminated from your job? Were you fired unjustly? If so, you may have grounds for a wrongful termination suit, and you need to contact a Long Island wrongful termination lawyer as soon as possible following your dismissal from your place of employment.  Employees have rights, and if your rights were violated by your unjust and wrongful termination, you can be awarded monetary compensation.  Siben & Siben, Long Island wrongful termination lawyers have been awarded more than a billion dollars in monetary awards for clients just like you – and you can be next!

What is Wrongful Termination?

  • Wrongful termination, under both federal law and the laws governing the state of New York, is illegal.  Some reasons that a wrongful termination case can be brought include:
  •  Firing an employee due to discrimination of a legally protected status, including race, age, disability, sexual orientation, creed, ethnicity, and others.  This includes the employee’s membership in any other group that is protected under the Equal Opportunity Employment provisions of federal law.
  •  Firing that is a result of retaliation against the employee.  If an employer retaliates against an employee because the employee has filed a complaint against them for discrimination, that is also illegal.  Employees have the right to seek justice against an employer who violates federal law by discrimination, and they should not fear losing their jobs because of it.  A Long Island wrongful termination lawyer like Siben & Siben can help you to understand your rights under the law, the legal ramifications of your employer’s actions, and the remedies that you have available to you as an illegally and wrongfully terminated worker.
  •  Under whistleblower laws, employees also have a right to complain (without the fear of losing their jobs) about conditions at their workplace that are unethical, illegal, or dangerous.  Even if you have not been terminated, if your employer has begun to treat you unfairly because of your complaints about their behavior or practices, the time to contact a Long Island unlawful termination lawyer is now.
  •  For those employees who are being offered buy-outs or severance pay, it is wise to consult with a Long Island wrongful termination lawyer before signing anything.  In accepting these offers, you are giving up your job.  It is crucial that you understand the consequences of accepting a buy-out.  Siben & Siben has decades of experience in these tricky legal matters and can help you navigate the process.