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Siben & Siben Long Island Trampoline Accident Lawyers

Trampolines can be a lot of fun, but they can also pose a grave risk of injury or even death to those that use them.  If you or someone you love has been injured or sustained fatal injuries while using a trampoline, you need to contact a Long Island trampoline accident lawyer right away.  You may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission of CPSC reports that nearly 90K people visited an emergency room due to injuries sustained while using a trampoline during a one year span.  (CPSC, 2004).  And while trampolines are a common “toy” found in millions of backyards around the globe, there is a lot of danger in these seemingly kid-friendly contraptions.  Fractures and dislocated joints are a top cause of trampoline injury hospitalization, but more serious injuries include injury to the spinal cord and death.  Kids and other jumpers usually become injured when they collide with one another, land incorrectly, jump off the trampoline, fall off the trampoline, or fall onto the frame or springs of the trampoline.

Who is at Fault in a Trampoline Accident?

While true fault in a trampoline accident lies in the hands of the courts, many Long Island trampoline accident lawyers argue that the manufacturer of the trampoline is at fault.  The owner of the trampoline can also be deemed at fault in a trampoline injury.  Siben & Siben Long Island trampoline accident lawyers have won over a billion dollars in compensation for our many clients over the years and we have the expertise to negotiate with the big manufacturers and their lawyers on your behalf.  When negotiation doesn’t yield the results that we think you deserve, we are fully prepared to litigate a settlement for you trampoline accident in the courts.  Don’t trust your trampoline accident case to just any Long Island trampoline accident lawyer. Contact Siben & Siben now.