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Siben & Siben Long Island Train Accident Lawyers

Long Island Train Accident Lawyer

Trains are massive pieces of machinery that have the ability to cause devastating personal injury or wrongful death accidents.  If you or someone you love has been injured in a train related accident, you need to contact Siben & Siben Long Island train accident lawyers right away to preserve your right to collect damages for your injuries.

Train accidents result in many personal injuries and deaths every year.  With the busy infrastructure of the railways that serve a densely populated area, we often develop a false sense of security that we are riding on an efficient and safe train, but this is not always the case.  Accidents happen, and this puts those on the train, including passengers and railway workers, as well as those who live and work near the accident scene, in danger.  Train accidents are most often caused by:

  • Driver error
  • Equipment failure
  • Collision
  • Vandalism
  • Track failure
  • Derailment

And sadly, most of the train accidents in recent times could have been prevented if only the appropriate precautions had been undertaken and the persons who are responsible for the safety of those using the railway system had only remained diligent and alert.

If you or someone that you love has been injured due to a train accident, you have a limited amount of time (known as the statute of limitations) to file a claim against the responsible party for damages.  Your Long Island train accident lawyer can help you seek compensation and monetary awards for your pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of wages, mental anguish, and other compensation to which you may be entitled.  Call Siben & Siben right away following your train accident to begin the claims process.  Siben & Siben has won over a billion dollars in awards for their clients in recent decades.