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Siben & Siben Long Island Traffic Violation Lawyers

If you have recently been charged with a traffic violation or “moving” violation, you need to contact a Long Island traffic violation lawyer right away to protect your driving record and avoid hikes in your auto insurance premiums.  Getting a ticket is never fun, but with the right representation, such as the Long Island traffic violation lawyers Siben & Siben, you can possibly have your ticket thrown out of court or reduced to a lesser charge, either of which will improve the repercussions that you face when you violate traffic laws.

Being convicted of certain traffic violations can cause you to face penalties that range from paying a fine to spending time in jail or doing community service.  The most common traffic citations and traffic violations spur from:

  • Speeding.  If you get caught speeding in New York, you can have points tacked onto your driver’s license.  Up to 11 points can be assigned for speeding, depending on how fast you were going when you were caught.  When you reach a certain level of points, your license can be revoked.
  • Reckless driving.  Reckless driving is a serious charge that shows your reckless disregard for public safety.  You can face jail time and the suspension of your driver’s license in certain instances of reckless driving.
  • Following too closely or tailgating.  It is never safe to follow another vehicle too closely.  This traffic violation can have stiff penalties and fines.
  • DUI, DWI, and drug or alcohol related driving offenses.  The most serious traffic violations involve the use of drugs or alcohol while operating a motor vehicle.  You can be jailed and fined heavily, and your driver’s license revoked.  A DUI or DWI is a criminal offense, and being convicted of this charge gives you a criminal record.

For those drivers who hold a commercial driver’s license, the penalties and fines can be even stiffer, and the result can be that you lose your livelihood or way of life if you lose your CDLs.  If you have been charged with a traffic violation, call Siben & Siben traffic violation lawyers immediately.