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Long Island Sports Injury Lawyer

Have you or someone you love been injured while playing sports? Being an athlete doesn’t make you invincible. If you have suffered an injury while playing sports, you may have the grounds for a personal injury lawsuit.  Long Island sports injury lawyers Siben & Siben has successfully represented students and others who were hurt while playing sports for a school or other organization, including basketball, football, baseball, cheerleading, soccer, and other sports.  Although there are many ways that you can become injured while playing sports, injuries are not always the fault of the athlete.  Often another party is to blame – whether it is a coach or other responsible person.

Causes of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are often the result of equipment malfunction or the negligence and reckless regard of another person.  Sports injuries can be very serious. Some of them can be fatal.  Seeking a fair and full medical and economic compensation package for your injuries right away after being injured is important. Siben & Siben has won over a billion dollars in compensation for our many clients.  Sports injury clients may have serious injuries that result in disability, including injuries to the spinal cord or brain, loss of cognitive functioning, and paralysis, among other injuries.  Lesser injuries, like fractures, can also cause temporary disability.

Assumed Risk

While it is true that all athletes assume some risk when participating in sports and that most are required to sign a release or waiver of liability prior to participation, accidents happen.  And when someone else causes your sports-related accident, Siben & Siben Long Island sports injury lawyers are standing ready to help you right a wrong and seek out the compensation that you deserve.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation regarding your sports injury now.  Even if you had previously signed a waiver of liability prior to participating in the activity that caused your injury, you may still have a case. Discussing your legal options with your Long Island sports injury lawyer right away is imperative to the positive outcome of any legal action that you pursue.