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Long Island Sexual Discrimination Lawyer

As an employee working in the state of New York, do you feel that you have been discriminated against because of your gender? If so, now is the time to contact Siben & Siben Long Island sexual discrimination lawyers.  As you may know, sexual discrimination in the workplace is not only unethical, but it is illegal under both the laws of the state of New York and federal law.  Siben & Siben is a seasoned law firm that has decades of experience in dealing with sexual discrimination cases, having won over a billion dollars in awards for our varied client base.  While women are typically the victim in a sexual discrimination suit, that is not always the case.  Men can be victims as well.

The Many Forms of Sexual Discrimination

Sexual discrimination can rear its ugly head in many forms.  Not all women (or men) are trained to spot sexual discrimination, and many unwittingly accept the actions of their employer, superiors, or fellow employees as being normal or “just the way things are”.  But sexual discrimination can occur in the following ways:

  •  Losing a promotion to someone who is less qualified - when the lesser qualified candidate for the promotion is a person of the opposite sex.
  •  Being present when jokes or remarks are made that defame women/men or that put women/men “down”.
  •  Employer or other person in a position of authority requiring that women/men wear specific garments that only employees of one sex must wear.
  •  Paying one employee a higher rate of pay only because of the employee’s gender, even though two employees are performing the same task.

Sexual Discrimination in Housing

Siben & Siben is also adept in handling cases of sexual discrimination in housing complaints.  If a landlord refuses to rent to you based on your gender, you may have a sexual discrimination case under the Fair Housing Act.  Contact your Long Island sexual discrimination lawyer right away after being refused housing due to your sex for a free consultation.  Siben & Siben can help you understand your legal rights and will stand up for those rights in a court of law if needed.