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Siben & Siben Long Island Product Liability Lawyers

Have you been injured by a faulty product? If so, contacting a Long Island product liability lawyer right away is important to preserving the facts of your case so that you can be made whole again. Siben & Siben has won over a billion dollars in compensation for our clients, and our expert team of experienced lawyers can fight the big companies and manufacturers who produced the product that injured you.  If you have been injured by a fault product, be prepared to provide your Long Island product liability lawyer with the following:

  •  The product that injured you, assuming you retained it.
  •  Information regarding where the product was purchased.
  •  The receipt for purchase of the product, if you still have it.
  •  Materials and manuals that came packaged with the product, if possible.  If you have the product packaging, retain that as well.
  •  Pictures of the product and the location where the injury occurred.
  •  Your medical records in regards to the injury sustained from the product.
  •  A record of time missed from your regular job.
  •  Pictures of any property damage caused by the product.
  •  Names and contact information for any witnesses to your injury.
  •  Receipts for rectifying damage caused by the property, such as dry cleaner’s receipt for damaged apparel.

What is a Defective Product?

At Siben & Siben, we have been standing up for the consumer for decades, and we have seen a range of different defective products.  A defective product is any product that causes damage or injury to a person or property due to a defect in the product, it’s labeling, or the way that it is used.  In a defective product case, the manufacturer of the product as well as the retailer who sold the product to you can both be at fault, or held liable.  A Long Island product liability lawyer can argue that the manufacturer is liable for your injuries, although in many instances, the manufacturer will argue that you were negligent in your use of the product. Nonetheless, an experienced Long Island product liability lawyer will prove strict liability, which means that regardless of negligence, the product was defective and it was the source of your injury.  Examples of defective products include leaking breast implants or exposure to hazardous materials that cause cancer.

Contact Long Island product liability lawyers Siben & Siben right away to get your product liability claim started.