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Long Island Playground Injury Lawyer

Has your child been injured on the playground? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your child’s injuries.  When we send our children off to school, we expect that they will be well-supervised and cared for.  No parent ever imagines that their child can sustain significant injury on the most happiest of places – the playground. But the truth is that thousands of children each year are injured on the playground, leaving behind a trail of injuries.  Siben & Siben Long Island playground injury lawyers have historically won more than a billion dollars in damages for the clients that they represent in personal injury cases.

Causes of Playground Injuries

There can be various causes for playground injuries, and different circumstances surrounding each case.  But the result is often the same.  An innocent victim is injured, sometimes severely.  Any type of injury that results at school or on the playground will require the expert skills and legal knowledge of a seasoned Long Island playground injury lawyer, since the claims that are filed in cases of this nature are very complex.  This is particularly true when the accident occurs on a playground in the public school system, even though these schools are insured.  Siben & Siben can easily evaluate your playground injury case and then give you advice on the best way to proceed with your claim.

The most common types of injuries sustained on the playground are broken bones from falls and amputations when a foot or hand gets crushed beneath a piece of playground equipment.

Seeking Damages for Long Island Playground Injuries

All too often, a playground injury results when a child is poorly supervised.  Teachers and other school personnel have a duty to make sure that children are safe while they are at school.  Each playground injury must be evaluated by an experienced attorney to determine if the damages incurred are the result of the school’s negligence, or of the manufacturer of the equipment itself.  It is important that you contact your Long Island playground injury lawyer right away after your child is injured to preserve your right to seek compensation for his or her damages.