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Siben & Siben Long Island Landlord and Tenant Dispute Lawyers

Long Island landlord/tenant dispute lawyers Siben & Siben have abundant expertise in handling eviction cases in Long Island and surrounding areas with efficiency, speed, and compassion.  Our Long Island landlord/tenant dispute lawyers have represented both landlords and tenants in eviction proceedings and are well-versed in the intricacies that can arise from such disputes.  While every eviction case seems to have its own particular circumstances, the eviction process moves very quickly.  Due to the fast-paced nature of evictions, dealing with your dispute and/or eviction in a timely and efficient manner is important.  Siben & Siben understands that process of eviction and that it can be challenging.  We make the extra effort to smooth out this process and reduce the amount of stress that it brings to our clients.

Yes, the eviction process can be a huge commitment to time, effort, and money on the part of the landlord.  Inversely, as a tenant, eviction can be emotionally riveting and heart rending.  Our Long Island landlord/tenant dispute lawyer can help to mediate disputes with tenants and landlords, and take care of any litigation matters that arise, such as:

  •  Breach of warranty of habitability
  •  Contracts between tenants and landlords
  •  Damage to property
  •  Holdover proceedings
  •  Landlord liability
  •  Non-payment proceedings
  •  Rent-overcharge proceedings
  •  Retaliatory evictions
  •  Self-help evictions
  •  Show cause orders
  •  Summary proceedings
  •  Tenant evictions
  •  Tenant privacy rights violations
  •  Wrongful evictions

Siben & Siben understands both sides of the landlord/tenant “equation”.  We know how difficult it can be as a landlord to miss out on rental payments for your properties, or to have your property destroyed.  We also have compassion for tenants who have done nothing wrong and are being wrongfully evicted.  Whichever side you may be on, our Long Island landlord/tenant dispute lawyers can help.  Give Siben & Siben a call to consult with our Long Island landlord/tenant dispute lawyers now!