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The Internet is nothing short of phenomenal.  The Internet’s sheer scope alone necessitates the need for specific regulations, and thus, Internet lawyers.  A Long Island Internet lawyer is a lawyer who works to counsel businesses on the laws and regulations that go along with the Internet, technology systems, and computers.  The technology of the Internet is a huge aspect of nearly every modern business.  A Long Island Internet lawyer like those on staff at Siben & Siben is skilled in interpreting the laws that apply to and govern Internet businesses and online transactions.  Internet law is technical and complex and requires specific knowledge that not all attorneys possess or are willing to obtain.  Long Island Internet lawyers are well-vetted in both contract law and business law, due to the fact that a lot of business transactions are now undertaken via the Internet.

Siben & Siben Long Island Internet lawyers have represented both small mom-and-pop businesses and large corporate clients in matters regarding the Internet.  Whether you have a specific legal matter that requires the expertise of a Long Island Internet lawyer or you wish to consult with or retain counsel for your small business start-up, Siben & Siben is here to help.  With only the most qualified personnel on staff, Siben & Siben attorneys are continually honing their skills and staying abreast with changes to Internet laws and regulations.  We pass this vast knowledge base on to our clientele though top notch representation on all Internet legal matters.

Our decades of combined experience will go to work with you to handle everything from negotiation to litigation or ensuring compliance with state and local codes governing Internet businesses and business transactions.  Call Siben & Siben today to schedule a consultation with your Long Island Internet lawyer right away.