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Long Island Hit and Run Lawyer

The state of New York takes all incidences of hit and run very seriously. If you have been involved in a hit and run, now is the time to contact your Long Island hit and run lawyer.  Siben & Siben Long Island hit and run lawyers have years of experiencing dealing with hit and run claims. This is evidenced by the fact that Siben & Siben has collected more than one billion dollars in compensation for accident victims and others.  It is hard to imagine the amount of ruthless disregard for public safety and irresponsibility that a hit and run driver has, but hit and run accidents are all too common.

A hit and run accident happens when a driver does not stop after causing an accident, and does not even bother to contact emergency services.  If someone is injured in an accident, the involved parties are required by law to stop their vehicle and attempt to render assistance, even if it only means calling the police or EMS.  Hit and run drivers do not do this usually because they are trying to avoid being deemed responsible for the accident and facing the legal repercussions that accompany this responsibility.  Your Long Island hit and run lawyer can help you file a claim that will make the at-fault party pay.

Hit and Run Victims

While other drivers can be victims in a hit and run accident, the most common victims are pedestrians or those who are riding a bicycle.  Oftentimes, the injuries that occur in such instances are severe or even fatal.  The legal team of Siben & Siben has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to addressing the special circumstances of hit and run accident cases and we seek out the maximum compensation that you may be entitled to under the law.  That includes compensation for:

  •  medical bills
  •  cost of future care or disability
  •  pain and suffering
  •  lost wages
  •  other compensation and benefits that you may be entitled to

If you or someone that you love has been victimized during a hit and run accident, calling a Long Island hit and run lawyer right away is a smart move that will help you to preserve your right to sue.  Contact Siben & Siben as soon as possible following your accident to be advised of your legal rights and to put the wheels of justice in motion.