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If you have suffered from food poisoning after eating at an established restaurant or other eatery, it is imperative that you contact a Long Island food poisoning lawyer immediately. You may be entitled to substantial cash compensation for your injuries.  According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), around 76 million Americans will contract a food borne illness each year, despite the safety standards and regulations that the government has in place for food and food handling.  Most cases of food poisoning are generally mild, but food poisoning does cause around 5,000 deaths each year, and most cases of food poisoning result from eating in a retail food establishment.  The CDC reports that food poisoning is usually caused by:

  • Contaminated equipment and utensils.  Dishes, cutting boards, and knives can easily hold built-up food residue that harbors bacteria.  Contaminated equipment and utensils is often the source of food poisoning outbreaks in retail food establishments when such equipment is not sanitized properly or timely.
  • Improper cooking temperatures.  Some foods naturally contain pathogens that can cause illness when not properly cooked to the right temperature.  Holding food at the right temperature will slow the growth of bacteria, and freezing the food will cause the bacteria to go into a dormant state.  High temperatures can kill these bacteria, but the heat must be applied for the right period of time.  A temperature probe can help to be certain that foods reach the right internal temperature during the cooking process.
  • Improper holding temperatures.  Food poisoning is typically caused by bacteria.  The most common pathogens include salmonella, listeria, and e. coli.  These bacteria tend to breed at temperatures that range from forty to one-hundred-forty degree Fahrenheit.  Meaning that potential foods that carry these bacteria must be held for serving at temperatures outside this range. These foods include vegetables, dairy products, poultry, and eggs.
  • Poor employee hygiene or health.  Foodborne illnesses are a risk to the public health due to the fact that they are very contagious and easily spread.  When food service workers suffer from gastrointestinal illness, they are likely to spread the germs causing the illness to utensils or food.  Retail food establishments do not always ensure that their sick employees avoid contact with food, silverware, utensils, or equipment.  In these instances, food poisoning can occur.
  • Tainted food sources.  Food poisoning can often result from unsafe or tainted food sources.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to food poisoning, call your Long Island food poisoning lawyer right away. Siben & Siben Long Island food poisoning lawyers have won over one billion dollars in damages and compensation for our clients and we are standing ready to take on your food poisoning case.