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Siben & Siben Long Island Estate Planning Lawyers

No one likes to think about their own death or how their estates will be handled when they pass away.  However, being a responsible parent or spouse requires that you take steps now to ensure the safe and timely passage of your estate to your heirs and loved one when the time comes.  A Long Island estate planning lawyer can help you to plan your estate and its disposition.  For many decades, Siben & Siben Long Island estate planning lawyers have been helping families prepare for the inevitable.  A seasoned estate planner can help you to ensure that you pass on as much of your estate as possible without the government dipping into the proceeds of your estate too heavily.

Estate tax is brutal.  A proper estate plan devised by a Long Island estate planning lawyer can help your heirs to retain the largest portion of your estate properly and legally.  Your Long Island estate planning lawyer can go well beyond the mere preparation of your last will and testament.  A competent estate planner will often suggest that the formation of a trust that will allow your assets to pass to your heirs without paying a hefty “death” tax or inheritance tax.  In some instances, you can also forgo the gift tax that is paid if you wish to bestow part of your estate on your children or other heirs while you are still alive, via an established trust.  The Long Island estate planning lawyers at Siben & Siben can help you avoid the most common mistakes that families make when planning an estate, which are:

- Not taking advantage of a trust.  If you don’t have a trust established, or at very minimum, a will, your heirs may have to “slug it out” in probate court when it comes to dividing up your property.  Intestacy laws will then govern who gets what, and you won’t have any say-so in the matter at all.  Your heirs will also lose a big part of their inheritance to Uncle Sam, the tax man.

- Failing to put all of your assets in the name of a revocable living trust.  Even those testators that do form a trust sometimes are ill-advised when it comes to what should be named in the trust.  A Long Island estate planning lawyer will tell you that if you go to the trouble to create a trust, be sure that any new assets you acquire are named in that trust.

- Failing to include a provision in their will for the nomination of a guardian for minor children. This can be one of the most crucial aspects of estate planning.  Without you input, a court will have to decide who takes care of your children.

- Playing lawyer or DYI estate planning.  Something as important as estate planning should never be left to fill-in-the-blank forms or will kits that you buy on the Internet, although a surprising number of folks leave this world thinking that their wills are legal and above board.

Don’t delay. We’re never guaranteed another tomorrow.  Contact Siben & Siben Long Island estate planning lawyers now to plan your estate properly, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.