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Siben & Siben Long Island Divorce Lawyers

When marital problems have no feasible solution, divorce is imminent.  Many marriages end in divorce, and each divorce has its own unique problems.  No one arrives at the decision to get divorced easily.  If you are contemplating divorce, speaking with a Long Island divorce lawyer should be your first step. Siben & Siben are experienced and vetted in the divorce law arena, bringing decades’ worth of strategy to the table to represent you aggressively during your divorce.  We pride ourselves in the compassionate service that we provide to our clients seeking divorce representation, whether you are filing for divorce or have been served with divorce papers.

At Siben & Siben, we realize that going through a divorce is an emotionally painful process that can change the course of your life and the lives of your children forever.  We also know that it is during these times of emotional duress that we often make mistakes.  A good Long Island divorce lawyer can guide you through the process of divorce and steer your towards the right decisions during this difficult time.

In addition to handling the divorce process, your Long Island divorce lawyer can also help you with issues pertaining to child support, spousal maintenance or support, child custody, child visitation, equitable distribution of assets, parental alienation issues, modification orders for child support or spousal support, orders of protection, domestic violence issues, and more.  We can also assist with father’s rights and grandparent’s rights issues.  For those who have already been through divorce and need help with enforcement of spousal support or child support, Siben & Siben is standing at the ready to help.  Contact Siben & Siben Long Island divorce lawyers as soon as possible when you are ready to file for divorce or after being served with divorce papers.