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Long Island Contract Lawyer

Contract law is the branch of law that is concerned with written agreements, or contracts.  Contract law can also govern oral agreements in some instances.  If you have an issue with a contract, or if you need a contract drawn up, you need to seek out the services of a qualified and experienced Long Island contract lawyer.

Siben & Siben Have Won More than a Billion Dollars in Damages for Clients

Contracts are legal documents, and the contents of a contract are enforceable in the courts.  A Long Island contract lawyer can help you seek compensation if your legally binding contract was violated, including punitive damages, liquidated damages, and compensatory damages.  An experienced Long Island contract lawyer, such as those that are employed by Siben & Siben, can also represent you in a case where you need to seek out equitable remedies.  This type of award is usually granted by the courts when a contract has been voided or when a contract is considered ambiguous.  If you have been financially injured or wronged in some way, Siben & Siben has the experience to handle your contract law case with ease.  Siben & Siben’s track record is sound; this firm has been awarded over one billion dollars in damages in the past.

Writing Contractual Wrongs

The aim of a Long Island contract lawyer is to get their client into the position that they should have been in had the obligations and other particulars of the contract been followed as written and agreed to by all parties involved.  When that is not possible, then the Long Island contract lawyer will seek to put their client into the same position that they were in before entering into the contract.  In addition to these damages, your Long Island contract lawyer may also seek additional awards if it is proven that the at-fault party engaged in grossly negligent or fraudulent behavior during your business relationship.

Do You Have a Case?

Not sure if you have a case that requires a Long Island contract lawyer? Give Siben & Siben a call for a free case review.  These experienced attorneys can help you determine if you have any legal remedies and then get you started on the process of filing suit or negotiating with the other party.