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Siben & Siben Long Island Brain Injury Lawyers

Siben & Siben Long Island Brain Injury Lawyers

Have you or someone that you love suffered from a brain injury due to an accident? If so, Siben & Siben  Long Island brain injury lawyers can help you to file a claim to receive compensation for your injury.  There are many types of accidents that can lead to brain injuries, like car accidents, on-the-job accidents, sports-related accidents, and slip and falls.  Brain damage is often also associated with head injuries, neck injuries, and injuries to the face.

Even a concussion is considered a type of brain injury.  A serious accident can also cause a traumatic brain injury or TBI that can lead to paralysis or coma.  A TBI usually occurs during an accident when the head hits a hard surface like a dashboard, steering wheel, pavement or other things.  Nearly 1.5 million people sustain traumatic injuries to the brain each and every year in the U.S.  Sadly, around 50,000 people die each year from brain trauma.  The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) estimates that more than five million people in the U.S. must receive long-term assistance with their daily activities of living due to a brain injury that occurred during an accident.

Experienced and aggressive Long Island brain injury lawyers such as the staff at Siben & Siben have successfully handled many brain injury cases before and can go to war with the insurance companies and other entities to secure the money that you deserve for your brain injury.  As soon as possible after receiving a brain injury, contact Siben & Siben Long Island brain injury lawyers to discuss your legal options.  Sometimes brain injury cases go into litigation and defendants are awarded monetary compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, time off from work, and future needs by a court of law. In other instances,  Siben & Siben Long Island brain injury attorney can work out a settlement that is in your best interest without taking the case to trial.  The first step to being made whole again is to contact a brain injury attorney to discuss your situation.  That is where the knowledgeable and experienced staff of Siben & Siben come in. Contact us today for a Free Consultation.