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Siben & Siben Long Island Birth Injury Lawyers

Long Island Birth Injury Lawyer

Did your child suffer from a birth injury that could have been prevented, or have you experienced poor care while pregnant, during birth, or during the post-partum period? If so, you may be entitled to collect damages from the at-fault party.  Siben & Siben has successfully represented parents and children who were affected by birth injuries in the past and can put their skills to work for you to help you recoup damages for what sometimes amounts to lifelong injuries.  Medical mistakes during pregnancy, labor, delivery, or when rendering neonatal care can sometimes result in devastating birth injuries that lead to lifelong financial and emotional struggles.  This can be an immense burden on the family of a birth-injured child.  Your Long Island birth injury lawyer can help protect your rights and the rights of your injured child so that the future is a bit brighter.

What is a Birth Injury?

A birth injury can be inflicted on a mother or child during pregnancy, labor, delivery, or after.  The attending physician has a duty to anticipate complications that sometimes arise during your care, both before and after delivery.  A birth injury can be the basis of a medical malpractice claim.  Siben & Siben Long Island birth injury lawyers can represent you in a court of law to recoup damages resulting from:

  • Birth injury due to negligent pre-natal care.  A doctor, ob/gyn, ultra sound technician, or other medical professional who fails to identify birth defects, particularly those that can be corrected by pre-term surgeries; fails to diagnose and treat preeclampsia or gestational diabetes in the mother; fails to identify an incompetent cervix or recognize a detached umbilical cord; fails to administer the appropriate drugs to stave off premature labor and birth; fails to identify when a fetus is in distress.
  • Birth injury due to negligence during labor and delivery.  Your Long Island birth injury lawyer can help you protect your rights for birth injuries that stem from a medical professional’s negligence during the labor and delivery process.  This may include the failure to perform a Cesarean deliver when a vaginal birth is not generally recommended; failure to form a timely C-section when the baby ends up with cerebral palsy or brain damage; shoulder dystocia as a result of being stuck in the birth canal and which leads to conditions like Klumpke’s palsy, Erb’s palsy, and other nerve ailments; head trauma or head injury from improper use of vacuum extraction methods or forceps.
  • Birth injury due to negligence in neonatal care or post-partum care.  The premature infant is at particular risk for problems with the respiratory system, infections, and jaundice, but all babies and their mothers should be monitored closely following birth for signs of problems.  Malpractice claims have been successfully won by your Long Island birth injury lawyer when birth injuries result from care given during this time.  This negligence can result in kernicterus, which is brain damage that happens when a baby has too much bilirubin in its system; hemorrhage of the mother after birth; failure by the medical professional to place a newborn that is under distress into ICU; premature discharge of mother or child when it is not medically advisable.

If you or your child has suffered a birth injury, contact Siben & Siben birth injury lawyers right away to preserve your rights to collect a substantial award for damages.