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Purchasing a Home through a Long Island Real Estate Lawyer

Many people rely on their real estate agent to answer their questions when they are buying land, a home, or a building. For more complicated and detailed transactions, people turn to a lawyer to help them through the purchase. There are varying types of Long Island real estate lawyers, many of them with an expertise in selling certain types of real estate. Before you contact anyone, you should determine exactly what you will be buying so you can choose an attorney wisely.


You have choices of what type of real estate you are purchasing. For instance, you could be seeking a small house for just you and your spouse, a large house for your large family, a condo just for yourself, a building to house your new company, or a plot of land on which to place a trailer, a business, or build a new home. Narrow down exactly what type you are looking for and consult a Long Island real estate lawyer if you are having trouble nailing down the details.  You will want to ask your lawyer several questions before you hire.


One of the questions you should ask is how many years of experience he or she has in working with the particular type of real estate transaction you will be carrying out. You want someone experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of the law involved in the purchase. This is especially vital if you are planning a complex development on a plot of land. Purchasing land for business requires knowledge of the zoning and business laws in the area. Long Island real estate lawyers are fully aware of what needs to be looked into and what you will need to do to build or purchase certain pieces of land.


You can find out how much experience and knowledge your attorney has in handling cases like yours if you ask what he or she plans to do. Most Long Island real estate lawyers can give you an outline of what needs to be done. They often have a step-by-step procedure that they use specifically to make sure the process is done correctly and in a timely manner. Inexperienced attorneys will not be able to give you any kind of outline but will tell you that they will “handle it.” If you get an answer like this, you may want to consider looking for someone who has more experience and knows exactly how to handle a case like yours.


Before you purchase any type of real estate, especially if you will be using it for business development, you should consult a Long Island real estate lawyer. The attorneys at Siben & Siben will provide you with a free consultation to see if you need legal representation during your purchase. They have many years of experience as one of the oldest law firms in the area and have grown large over time. Call and speak to one of the qualified attorneys on staff before making any purchases of land or buildings.