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Long Island Bankruptcy Lawyer

Finding the Right Long Island Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are swarmed with overwhelming debt and see no way to get out from under the blanket of burden, try to remember that you are definitely not alone. Debt problems are wide-spread. Whether it is credit cards or hospital bills that have put you under, a Long Island bankruptcy lawyer is just the person you need to speak to. These legal professionals can suggest several solutions to make your debt shrink or disappear altogether. Your debts can be resolved in a several different ways, in a timely manner, so that bill collectors will stop calling you and/or threatening to garnish your wages.


Your Long Island bankruptcy lawyer will explain to you the different methods that can be used in your case. When you choose someone to represent you, especially in this type of case, you need to hire someone who cares about getting the job done and will show you respect as the client. You will need to trust the attorney with very intimate details about your personal life and finances. If you are uncomfortable with your lawyer, it will be much more difficult to get through this already traumatic time.


Trust your Long Island bankruptcy lawyer to explain to you what options you have. Follow their directions closely to ensure that you have provided all the necessary information and documentation. They will need to delve deeply into your finances to make sure that all bills and collections are included in the bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is something that stays on your credit for years, so it is something that should be considered carefully before a decision is made to proceed. This is another area where your lawyer will be able to advise you.


There are different forms of this legal procedure that your Long Island bankruptcy lawyer will instruct you on. You can choose to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 with the court. There are a few significant differences between these two and both are very common.  For Chapter 7, which is also termed “straight” bankruptcy, you can expect to sell all non-exempt assets to pay for the existing debt. Your debts are taken away completely but any assets that have not been deemed exempt will be either sold or transferred to the creditors you owe as payment. Exempt items would include houses, tools that are used daily for work, and vehicles.


Your Long Island bankruptcy lawyer will also give you information on Chapter 13, which is a separate type of filing. In this case, you will be able to retain some of your property, even if it is not exempt, and your lawyer will work out a payment plan involving your future income. You would make regular payments and once the payments are finished, you receive a discharge of debts from the court. If you feel you are in need of either the Chapter 7 or the Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings because of your overwhelming debt, contact the law offices of Siben & Siben to start the process. These attorneys have been working with clients filing both Chapter 7 and 13 for many years and will know exactly what to do to help you.